Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Descriptions

Tuesday April 14

Andrew Pudewa

12 PM (EDT)

However Imperfectly: Lessons Learned from Thirty Years of Teaching

In this talk, Andrew shares many humorous experiences (and painful lessons) he has learned over thirty years of teaching and homeschooling, including: It’s hard not to do to your kids what was done to you; process over product; all kids are different; “progressive” education doesn’t mean progress; what real “college and career readiness” is; and two secret keys to successful teaching. You will be challenged or reassured (or both!) but sure to leave with an expanded vision of your calling as a home educator.

Louise House

1 PM (EDT)

The Quest for the Best

Choosing curriculum can be a challenge at the best of times. The internet inundates us with information. Friends, acquaintances and the social media community all have suggestions for what you should do. While choice is wonderful, it can be overwhelming. What is best and how do I know if something can work for my family? How can I find something to help my struggling learner? Is expensive really better? Come and join Louise as she shares how to make the best curriculum choices for your family.

Kathryn Gomes

2 PM (EDT)

Help! My Child Hates Math!

Math is a challenge in many of our home schools. Maybe your child hates math, maybe you do. Either way it can be a battleground or the part of the day everyone dreads. Kathryn Gomes was homeschooled herself and remembers the struggle well. In this session she brings fresh vision and offers teaching strategies that are well-researched and effective. Throughout the session she will be demonstrating different Filled with practical ideas, games, and activities, this session will open your eyes to how rich math education at home can be.

Stephanie Jackson

3 PM (EDT)

Homeschooling Multiple Ages

From the cradle through college, homeschool families are often faced with the challenge of not only caring for but also educating children of multiple ages. How can we make this work while still meeting everyone’s needs? Be prepared for lots of discussion.

Cori Dean

4 PM (EDT)

Homeschooling for “Newbies”

Just starting out or considering taking a homeschooling adventure?  This workshop will address some of the top questions that new homeschoolers ask: Can I handle this? Is it really legal? What resources and supports are available to me?  How do I choose curriculum?  What should a typical school day look like?  What about socialization!?!   – With time built in for questions and answers you will have the chance to get specific answers to specific questions.

Wednesday April 15

Rebecca Spooner

12 PM (EDT)

Homeschooling Can Be Better

What if the picture you had in your head in the beginning of all this was possible? You know the one I’m talking about, “All of your children gathered around you, smiling, engaged, interested, and all of you learning as a family.” The vision you had that over the days and weeks of pulling out all the different books and doing all the different lessons and meeting all the different needs like a hamster in a wheel… just slowly died. In this session, Rebecca shares with you her personal testimony of what started out as a dream and became relabeled as naive, laughable even. She shares how God re-instilled a passion for life abundantly in her homeschool and where God has brought them to a place of JOY and PEACE and no more striving and guilt when we don’t match up. If you are tired, if you are weighed down, if you have lost your vision or passion or purpose… please come to this session and hear not a list of steps to try, but rather a simple story of hope. A story of a mom who was lost in the never-ending vortex of to-do’s and found her way to freedom and Spirit-led homeschooling. This one… is for you.

Richard Fangrad

1 PM (EDT)

Using Scientific Evidence for Biblical Creation to Propel Spiritual Growth in Children

Even many Christian adults today are like children ‘tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine’ (Eph 4:14). Surveys show that children who are taught apologetics and the evidence for biblical creation are inoculated against secular falsehoods. Since Genesis 1-11 contains some of the most disbelieved accounts in all of Scripture (creation, the flood, etc.), this workshop summarizes tips for parents to effectively teach about creation in a way that strengthens the foundations of faith in their children.

Diane Geerlinks

2 PM (EDT)

Laziness, Latebloomer or Learning Disability

You decided to homeschool your child. The curriculum is bought, the lessons are planned, the school room is ready, and you are filled with excitement. And then…. instead of peace and harmony, you feel like you’re in a battle with your child. Is he just being stubborn? Is this a battle of the wills? You’ve heard many people say, “Don’t worry, they’ll catch up”. But, you are the parent and you wonder…will this really change? In this workshop, Diane will help de-mystify these questions and share strategies to help launch your struggling learner on the road to success. There is HOPE!

Bonnie Landry

3 PM (EDT)

Building resilience, cultivating joy.

“We’ve been given a life. We embrace some of it, we rant against some of it. Some days it feels like all we’re ever doing is catching up and rushing through. It’s possible to live life more fully, to be more present to the people we love and to know who we are and where we’re headed. We can cultivate joy. We can learn joy. We can practice joy. We can make joy normal.

Kimberly Charron

4 PM (EDT)

Geek Schooling

End your frustrations with your obsessed, geeky child! You will learn how to enjoy easy, delight directed learning with your child, centred on their passions and fandoms. Whether they’re into Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or super heroes, your children are probably already learning more than you realize.

Thursday April 16

Michael Thiessen

12 PM (EDT)

Universal Human Rights: How Christian Worldview Shaped our Canadian Freedoms

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights does not now and did not in its earliest versions tie human rights to religion the existence of God. There was debate during the draft process, but delegations who wanted references to God where outvoted. And so it has been forgotten by so many that our human rights have their foundations in our Christian worldview.

Donna Ward

1 PM (EDT)

History and Geography for Canadians

Hated history? Struggling with how to engage your kids? Donna’s infectious love of history will motivate you, give you handles for teaching Canadian history, and answer your questions about where to start when most curriculum is American. Donna will explain how to teach all the grades together. Save tears and join Donna for a Canadian plan for all the school years. Donna will also give a quick introduction to the historical thinking concepts which teach critical thinking. You won’t to miss this seminar.

Lisa Marie Fletcher

2 PM (EDT)

How to Keep Your Sanity While Working and Homeschooling

Juggling work and teaching your kids is a challenge, especially with all the other hats you have to wear. Lisa knows – she’s worked from home the entire time her kids have been alive. Get practical advice and tips that you can apply to your life today to take some of the pressure off and help you save your sanity.

Brigette VanHuisstede

3 PM (EDT)

Plans, Problems, Purpose.

Seeking God’s purpose in the midst of problems and devastated plans.

Andrew Pudewa

4 PM (EDT)

From Copywork to Composition: Learning Writing by Imitation

Come and contemplate the underestimated value of simple copywork, discover the power of text reconstruction, experience the delight of author imitation, and learn the surprising relationship between text analysis and creativity.

Jeannie Fulbright

5 PM (EDT)

Notebooking—Creativity with a Purpose

Using student created notebooks in your homeschool encourages an atmosphere of creativity as children essentially produce their own work to display their learning. This workshop explains why and how to use this easy and effective educational approach that replaces workbooks, enhances learning and retention of the subject, and develops a true love for learning. Jeannie Fulbright shares tips and actual demonstrations for replacing workbook assignments with creative ideas for science, history, geography, literature, and more. Examples and visual aids make the information easy to understand and implement in your homeschool.

Friday April 17

Israel Wayne

12 PM (EDT)

Education: Does God Have an Opinion?

Is Education a neutral subject? Does God have a preference for how He wants children to be educated? What does the Bible teach about schooling? Is there one correct path for education? Are public schools a viable option for Christians? These questions and more will be discussed in this engaging presentation.

Peter Stock

1 PM (EDT)

Homeschooling Through High School and Beyond

Homeschooling through high school is a daunting proposition for many families. How do we know we’ve done enough? How do we know if we’ve covered the right things? Will the subjects we’ve studied be recognized by postsecondary institutions so our child can get the further education and vocation they desire? All of these are valid questions, but they should not paralyze the homeschool parent or scare the family away from trying. Some HSLDA staff have successfully graduated high school students from home and can share their varied experiences of what they did and how well it worked.

Hester VanBraeden

2 PM (EDT)

Morning Time: Routines and Riches

What is the benefit of gathering your children around in a one-room schoolhouse style to read, listen and observe?

We’ll talk about how we can create a culture of community within our homes while we study literature, art, music, poetry, and all those things that we wish we could get to but somehow they fall off our schedule. We’ll also talk about how this is a wonderful way to teach various ages simultaneously.

Diane Geerlinks

3 PM (EDT)

Back to the Basics – Teaching the 3 R'S

As homeschool parents, we work hard at finding ways to check off the basics in our school days. Truth be told, sometimes this is all we can manage to accomplish! What if you could be trained to understand the reading, writing and math fundamentals so you could pass on these skills to all of your children regardless of the curriculum you chose?

In this workshop, we will demonstrate and discover new concepts using the Socratic method of questioning and mediation. We will discuss how you, as parent educators, can be furthered trained in NILD Canada’s Rx for Reading, Writing and Math so you can help your students succeed!

Zan Tyler

4 PM (EDT)

The Inspiring Task for Raising Servant Leaders

Servants make the best leaders. Teaching your children to love and serve others is the second most important principle you will ever teach them. This principle, in turn, provides the necessary foundation for training them to become leaders. Come to this workshop and learn how you can effectively teach the lessons of service and leadership in the midst of your already-full homeschool days. We will also discuss how to build powerful, life-changing service and leadership projects into your children’s everyday lives. Be prepared to see your children come alive as they experience the joy of serving others!

Saturday April 18

Julie Ross

12 PM (EDT)

The F.E.A.S.T. of the Charlotte Mason Method (A 101 Workshop)

We spread an abundant and delicate feast in the programmes and each small guest assimilates what he can.” (Charlotte Mason, Vol. 6, p. 183) Charlotte Mason states that a child’s mind must be fed a consistent diet of living ideas in order to grow intellectually in the same way a child’s body needs nourishing food for proper development. She proposed that the role of the educator is to consistently prepare this abundant and rich feast. In this 101 workshop, you will be given an overview of Charlotte Mason’s foundational principles, leaving you inspired to create an educational feast for your family. Come, whet your appetite and see how this Victorian educational pioneer can transform your home school.

Rowan Atkinson

1 PM (EDT)

The Importance of the Humanities in a STEM World

In this workshop we will explore the importance of studying the humanities (history, literature, civics, religion, etc.) despite the culture’s current emphasis on STEM subjects. Tips and resources for educating through the humanities will be given. (note: the humanities here refer to the subject areas, not the worldview of humanism)

Teresa Wiedrick

2 PM (EDT)

19 Tips for Unexpected Home Learners (& New-to-Homeschoolers too!)

The present times demand a reevaluation of our family lives, requiring us to bring our kids home, want to or not. How to thrive, not just survive, home learning in a pandemic? (How would I know? I’ve only been doing this for a month! Though our family’s volunteer trip to East Africa during the Ebola crisis has certainly informed me of a few things that I can share with you.) I’ll offer tips from twelve years of what I’ve learned about learning, self-care strategies, and family life to survive four walls, four kids, and a home learning routine. And I’ll point us over and over toward turning our challenges into our charms, so we can choose to thrive, not just survive.

Peter Lindsay

3 PM (EDT)

Developing a Learning Culture Through Family Devotions

Families are often overwhelmed with the number of priorities, programs, and styles they are faced with when beginning the homeschooling journey. This can result in over-programming, discouragement, or uncertainty. Of all the educational goals for homeschooling, a simple, Scriptural culture of learning in the home will pay dividends over the years and in many areas, whatever style used. This practical workshop will present a Bible-centered approach for cultivating this learning culture in younger families, and show how it can flow through into other areas of your homeschooling at all levels.

Ana Willis

4 PM (EDT)

The 7Cs of Successful Homeschooling

Homeschooling can be very challenging, especially if you are new to it. Have you ever wondered if there was a recipe for successful homeschooling that works for all. How about a simple roadmap to follow with step-by-step instructions? What if I tell you that there is and it’s simpler than you think? There is a success path to follow and in this workshop I will share the 7Cs of successful homeschooling and guide you through each of them.

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